Cumbernauld Gala Day Stage Schedule

The stage schedule for the 2015 Cumbernauld Gala Day event, taking place on Saturday 27th June at Cumbernauld New Town Hall, has now been finalised and is as follows:

11:30am-12:00pm: Bill Penn
12:00pm-12:10pm: Crowning of the Gala Queen
12:10pm-12:25pm: Joan McVicar Dance School
12:25pm-12:50pm: Beth Swan
12:50pm-1:10pm: Steps Ahead Dance Academy
1:10pm-1:20pm: Move Your Body
1:20pm:1:40pm: JUMP Gymnastics Club
1.40pm-1.50pm: Move Your Body (Reprise)
1:50pm-2:10pm: Rachelle and Brittany Davies
2:10pm-2:30pm: Nicole Hamilton
2:30pm-2:50pm: Denise and Nikki’s Dance Academy
2:50pm-3:05pm: Echo
3:05pm-3:30pm: Daniel Hardie


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